Passion for Mathematics!



logoWelcome to world of Advanced Mathematical learning. If you are truly passionate about mathematics then you may find us interesting and useful.

In this world of impersonal faculty-student relationship, quick-fix crash courses, Cheenta has a radically different approach to education. Our methods are reminiscent of Gurukul methods of ancient India.

Cheenta courses are incredibly slow (typically spread over several years of school and college life). Though we use online live environments to conduct classes, our main stay is on close faculty-student relationship, which we grow through years of hard work. This mentoring and individual engagement is the key ingredient of Cheenta’s pedagogical methods.

Hence students who are truly passionate about mathematics, are the ones who enjoy Cheenta courses on Math Olympiads, I.S.I. & C.M.I. Entrance or research calibre college mathematics programs.

Feel free to findĀ out more about our Courses or Contact us for admission related query. You may also browse the Problem Garden for new and exciting problems and discussion.


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